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UCW Students for Life

This community is committed to expanding Canada’s Stem Cell Donor and Blood Donor Registry, which is used to find a genetic match for patients who require stem-cell transplants. These transplants require donors to be genetically matched to the patient to a very high degree, but fewer than 25% of patients have a genetic match in their families, and thus, most rely on strangers as a match. As a club, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the current lack of stem cell donors and encouraging UCW students to register as potential donors. We also actively promote blood donation among UCW students to support our national blood supply. Every 60 seconds, someone in Canada needs blood, and we believe that UCW students can make a difference by donating blood and potentially saving lives. We guide students throughout the blood donation process, sharing educational and promotional material and answering any relevant questions that may come up.We hope this helps! Post any questions to the chat. Hope to see you around the campus!