This website (hereinafter: “Website”) is being offered to you by LanternB.V. (hereinafter: “Uni-Life”). The following terms of use (hereinafter: “ToU”) are applicable on your use of and access to the Website.

Article 1. Definitions
1.1 If capitalized, the terms below will have the following meaning:
a. Account: verified account with which restricted areas of the website are accessible and content can be placed on the mobile application of Uni-Life.  
b. Content: The information/input provided by the User to be showed in the mobile application.
c. User: a partner university and/or a third party which is affiliated to the university, such as an association or foundation.

Article 2. Agreement
2.1 By accepting the ToU the User has entered into an agreement with LanternB.V., a company with registered address at Avenue Concordia 97A, 3062LD Rotterdam, the Netherlands and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (“Kamer van Koophandel”) under the number 70161062.    
2.2 This agreement will cease whenever the Account is cancelled.

Article 3. Use of Uni-Life Website
3.1 Access to and use of the Websiteis free for the third parties, such as associations and foundations affiliated with a partner university of Uni-Life.  
3.2 Use of the Website is subject to the following conditions:
a. User will not give out a fake identity in order to register;              
b. User will not create and use more than one account;              
c. User will never use the Website in a way that this use can lead to any– commercial or not –exploitation of the Website or any part of it by the User or a third party.
d. User will ensure that the Website is not used or accessed by unauthorized persons;              
e. User will not circumvent or dismantle any safety measures which are in place;
f. User will choose and use a safe password and keep it confidential;              
g. the account is not transferable;              
h. in case the Account has been hacked, the User is denied access, or a third party has the log-in information to their disposal, the User will notify Uni-Life forthwith;              
i. User shall not place Content which is illegal, offensive or in any other way contrary to public morality, public policy and/ or the law;            
j. User shall not place content which infringes upon the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyrights and portrait rights of third parties;              
k. User shall not disclose confidential information;              
l. User is responsible and liable, at all times, for the manner in which the Account is being used;              
m. User shall not try to manipulate or affect the functioning and availability of the Website;              
n. Intellectual property rights stay the property of Uni-Life. The User is not entitled to use the logo’s and/or name of Uni-Life for its own purposes.

Article 4. Announcements from Lantern B.V.
4.1 Lantern B.V. is entitled to send you notices and messages via the Application or via the contact details provided by you.

Article 5. Use of your data
5.1 The User hereby grants Uni-Life an irrevocable license to use, reproduce, disclose, makepublic, modify, distribute and to perform other actions necessary for the execution of the service of Uni-Life, on the Content which User furnishes to Uni-Life by means of the Website.

Article 6. Availability of the Application
6. Lantern B.V. has the right to decide to discontinue the Application at any time. Lantern B.V. does not guarantee that the data and content you have stored will be retained.

Article 7. Disclaimer and liability
7.1 Lantern B.V. does not guarantee that the Application works without interruptions or errors. The Application is delivered in the current state and on the basis of availability.
7.2 Uni-Life is not responsiblefor the loss or modification of the Content of the User.
7.3 Uni-Life does not warrant the availability and functioning of the Website.
7.4 Uni-Life is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by the use of the Website.  

Article 8. Changes
1. Lantern B.V. can change the content of this agreement at any time.
2. Changes will not apply retroactively.
3. You will be informed about essential changes by Lantern B.V. be informed via the e-mail address you provided.

Article 9. Final provisions
9.1 In the event one or more clauses of the ToU turn out to be invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses is not affected.
9.2 If Lantern B.V. fails to make use of any right or remedy under these ToU, this may not be interpreted as waiving that right or remedy.
9.3 Dutch law applies to the ToU. Possible disputes, which cannot be settled amicably, will be settled by the competent court in the district of Rotterdam.