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Student Jobs (& Career Life)

Student life can be pricy! Looking to earn a bit next to your study? You’re at the right place! This community is for students looking for (part-time) jobs and to share their own jobs with other students, according to their own needs. This community can also be used to share and ask for career advice (e.g. setting up LinkedIn, building connections). We warmly welcome you! (Please note that responses are not guaranteed)**In order to engage in the community, please click the chat icon and begin connecting with others!**Welcome to this community! 1) Have respect for each other and be polite 2) Only speak English (or another language all members speak) 3) Respect everyone's privacy 4) No hate speech or bullying. Breaking this rule means immediate removal 5) No promotion or spam 6) Report any inappropriate behaviour to the Uni-Life Team right away at or reach out to the admin of this chat 7) Have fun : Check out the rules in full: community-house-rules