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Calisthenics Community Utrecht

*To join the chat, please click the chat icon above and begin connecting with others!*Welcome to the Calisthenics Community Chat! 💪🏋️‍♀️ Are you a university student with a passion for bodyweight fitness and strength training? This is your place to connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Share workout routines, learn advanced calisthenics techniques, motivate each other to reach your fitness goals, and discuss the incredible transformations that come from mastering your own body. Let's build strength, flexibility, and camaraderie together through the power of calisthenics! 💥🏆Welcome to this community!1) Have respect for each other and be polite2) Only speak English (or another language all members speak)3) Respect everyone’s privacy4) No hate speech or bullying. Breaking this rule means immediate removal5) No promotion or spam6) Report any inappropriate behaviour to the Uni-Life Team right away at or reach out to the admin of this chat7) Have fun :) Check out the rules in full: