Episode 7: Best ways to ensure study orientation for students | Guest speaker!

min Episode
Frederik Halbak (StudentPulse) & Birgit Klaus (Strategic Advisor to the Vice-President for Research and Early Careers | TU Darmstadt)

Join episode 7 of the Student Experience Webcast, where we will be sharing the key learnings and talk about the typical problems StudentPulse and Uni-Life encounters after having worked with European educational institutions for several years. Today's episode will be about how to ensure study orientation for students to support the student journey. Featuring an external expert, with many years of experience in the educational sector, Birgit Kraus. During the episode, we will talk about how to use your student counseling; how to connect students with the student services at the institution; more focus and attention to the study orientation of upper secondary schools to ensure students are choosing the right educational patch from start; gap years have a positive effect on students' study orientation and their choice of education.