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Batavierenrace 2024

‼️To all Sefa Runners‼️ This year, Sefa is taking part in the biggest relay race in Europe, and we’re looking for runners!🏃 From Friday, 24th to Saturday, 25th May. Over 8000 students will be racing along a 180km route, divided into 25 tranches of different distances, ranging from 3 to 10km. 👟 🎉After crossing the finish line, the largest festival in Enschede will be waiting for us, where we’ll party the night away to celebrate our incredible achievement.🚀 Lace up your running shoes and secure a spot on the team.🎽Ticket Price €20. What’s included in the ticket price: •⁠ ⁠Food, beverages and snacks (2 breakfasts and Saturday’s dinner) •⁠ ⁠Accommodation at the University of Twente •⁠ ⁠Transportation during the days of the race •⁠ ⁠Festival in Enschede on Saturday evening Important information about the Batavierenrace weekend: •⁠ ⁠Each runner should find their way to get to Enschede at their own cost. Feel free to reach out to other members and go together. •⁠ ⁠During the weekend of the race, we’ll be camping on the campus of the University of Twente. Don’t worry, separate toilets and showers for men and women will be available inside the university. •⁠ ⁠The first part of the race will take place throughout Friday night, which means we will be running at night! •⁠ ⁠During the race, we’re only allowed to have one vehicle moving along the route, therefore runners will have to take a shuttle from Enschede to the different starting points and back. Runners will be picked up at the shuttle bus and dropped off at the beginning of their tranche. •⁠ ⁠To keep our runners motivated, the participants who finished running will be asked to bike one of the tranches to provide moral support to their teammates.

May 24, 2024

University of Twente, University of Twente