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Building accessibility scan

Is the building of your educational institution designed in an accessible way? Is the signage visible and readable? Are the classrooms for every student comfortable to sit; can they view the presentation and are they able to concentrate without too much noise from the outside? There are several factors that can influence the study performance of students and accessibility is one of them. The problems experienced with regards to reachability or physical accessibility can have various causes. For example; when you are not very mobile due to a chronic illness or physical disability, you may experience obstacles. Maybe you cannot enter the building with a wheelchair, there might be no elevator or there is no parking close by. During this workshop you walk through the TBM building 31 of TU Delft guided by Student Onbeperkt. Students will show you what people with disabilities could encounter. Join now this informative Building Accessibility Scan and help us create awareness by finding the barriers of the building.

June 5, 2024

TU Delft campus, TBM building 31