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Workshop Digital accessibility in education

Digital accessibility is crucial for a large group of students, as it can make the difference between being able to study or not, and between having or avoiding study delays. Some students can't read documents digitally, hear videos, or have difficulty in distinguishing different colors. Educational institutions are obligated to ensure digitally accessible materials and systems. But how do you translate these obligations into practice? The Expertise Center for Inclusive Education (ECIO) supports educational institutions in making their education more accessible and inclusive. On Tuesday, June 4th (1:00-4:00 PM), a ECIO trainer will be conducting the Digital Accessibility in Education workshop. In this workshop, you'll learn about the frameworks surrounding digital accessibility and work on making documents accessible. Additionally, you'll be introduced to the latest, accessible TU Delft PowerPoint slides. Are you involved in digital systems and/or documents in your work? For example, as a communication officer, IT professional, teacher, or educational developer. Or are you a student who wants to work in a digital accessible way? Then, follow this practical workshop to gain insight into how you can contribute to digitally accessible education.

June 4, 2024

Aula, TU Delft, Commissiekamer 3