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De Shift x Trickpony

Join us on May 24th at Muziekgieterij in Maastricht for an unforgettable evening brought to you by Trickpony and De Shift. Starting at 6 PM, indulge in a delectable dinner while being serenaded by downtempo and ambient music, setting the perfect ambiance for the clubbing night ahead. De Shift and Trickpony together present a fusion of familiar local talent alongside skilled DJs and producers from the European scene. Our venue will come alive with an mix of sounds, providing a stage for both established and emerging artists. More than just a Friday night out, this collab is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can dance and express themselves freely. Music is the only thing that counts, it’s the answer! Ever heard of a Trickpony? It’s more than just a one-trick show. It’s about blending diverse talents and philosophies into a harmonious lifestyle. At Trickpony, they celebrate the richness of life and the multitude of talents individuals possess. Quality of life is wealth, and embracing diverse talents enriches it further. After dinner, the night transitions seamlessly into clubbing, where the energy amplifies and underground sounds flow through a beloved TURBO SOUND soundsystem. Step into our vortex of sound, immerse yourself into the unknown and don’t miss out on this collaboration between Trickpony and De Shift— it’s already going to be one for the books, companied by Belgium soundwizards Walrus (Basic Moves) and Session4000. Make sure to check these legends out! We’ll light them out very soon. Join us in experiencing the blend of concepts, flavors, sounds, and talents that Trickpony and De Shift embodies.

May 24, 2024

Muziekgieterij, Maastricht