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What are the most popular university studies in The Netherlands?

May 8, 2023

Are you looking for a university study, but not too sure which direction you want to go yet? We have created an overview of the 3 most popular university studies in the Netherlands. Perhaps the most followed studies could also be an interesting direction for you to pursue! 


With as many as 3961 first-year students in 2020, medicine is the most popular study in the Netherlands. This is due to the high demand for doctors and specialists in health care. Medicine is therefore a broad study, where you learn about diseases, treatments and anatomy. Would you like to contribute to the health of people? Then check out the opportunities within medicine.


The law school had 3057 first-year students enrolled in 2020. This can be explained by the fact that almost all issues in our society are legal in nature. During law school, you will learn all about laws and regulations, both national and international. Moreover, this study offers good job prospects, such as lawyer or jurist.


Finally, we want to highlight psychology, with 2583 first-year students in 2020. More and more people are interested in human behavior and how to explain it. During psychology studies, you will be taught extensively about this, both theoretically and practically. This will allow you to work as a therapist or expert in behavior analysis after your studies.

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