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What are the Benefits of Joining a Student Association?

January 25, 2023

There’s much more to student life than just studying, and student associations are one of the best ways to get involved socially. Although most people might think it’s just a nice side activity to get distracted from all the assignments and exams you have coming up, there are actually many benefits towards joining a student organization or association. Here are a few examples:

  1. Networking: student organizations and associations provide opportunities to meet and connect with other students who have similar interests. This can be especially valuable for students who are looking to build their professional networks. Building a strong network can have a massive impact on your eventual career. The more students you meet while at university, the more people you can reach out to many years later (e.g. to find a new job, collaborate with, hire, etc.). Knowing people really never hurts.
  2. Leadership development: students are obviously still at the very beginning of their work life, and it’s unlikely that they’ll have an impressive CV when they start seeking their first job. Student organizations and associations are a great alternative and often provide leadership opportunities, such as serving as an officer or organizing events. These experiences can help build their resumes.
  3. Personal growth: besides focusing on leadership, being part of a student association can also foster personal growth. Whether it’s meeting new people, experiencing new opportunities or dealing with new situations, student associations can help you expand your comfort zone. 
  4. Fun: lastly, organizations and associations can also be a lot of fun! Whether it's participating in sporting events, performing in a music group, or volunteering in the community, there are many ways to get involved and have a good time. A strong work-life balance is always advisable, and there’s nothing wrong with having some fun as well! This can be especially true if you find a student group that is closely linked to an interest or passion you have, as you’re likely to meet like-minded people who can become good friends.

To sum it all up, joining a student group can have beneficial effects for a long period of time. In the short run, you’ll have more fun and develop yourself as a person. In the long run, it will likely help you land your first job and grow faster throughout your career. Most universities have more student groups and associations than they can keep up with, so there’s bound to be something that will interest everyone (and if not, why not set it up yourself?).

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