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University life in the 90's

October 25, 2021
Student Life

Rewinding to the '90s: University Life Unveiled

The 1990s, a decade etched in memory for all generations, was an era of remarkable transformation spanning fashion, music, pop culture, and technology. These years laid the foundation for the way we navigate life today. With the advent of cell phones and the growing presence of computers at home, the '90s marked an epoch of change.

A Glimpse into '90s University Life

University life in the 1990s stands in stark contrast to the contemporary college experience. It was an era where illegible handwriting was not an option. Students meticulously transcribed their notes with fountain pens and crafted essays by hand. The idea of submitting a college application via postal mail with a stamp seems quaint when juxtaposed with today's digital ease. However, the absence of overflowing inboxes offered a respite.

Yet, the '90s fostered a university atmosphere that could be considered idyllic by today's standards. Here's why:

Physical Socialization:

The absence of social media and chat rooms meant that communication was predominantly face-to-face. There were no Netflix binges in isolation; entertainment meant stepping out and spending time with friends. Dorm neighbors remained a delightful mystery until move-in day. Making friends and acquaintances relied solely on in-person interactions.

Pre-Google Era:

In a world without smartphones, quick snapshots of friends' notes were inconceivable. Instead, borrowing a friend's notes and visiting the local copy shop for a few cents was the norm. Google and Wikipedia were not the go-to solutions. Debating historical facts involved library visits to substantiate arguments. Books were the primary source of information, in stark contrast to today's reliance on the internet for essay research.

Communication Dynamics:

While email and instant messaging promised faster communication, they also led to incessant digital contact and email overload. Nevertheless, with fewer students in the past decades, professors were more accessible, fostering closer staff-student interactions.

The Ultimate Party:

The '90s era encapsulated iconic movies and bands that still resonate today. Pulp Fiction posters might still linger in the boxes of '90s students. Smoking was common on campuses, leaving students smelling of tobacco. This was an era where people met and partied with minimal stress. Affordable housing and lower tuition fees contributed to a more carefree university experience.

While aspects of '90s university life may appear superior, the modern era brings its own advantages, making student life more manageable. Nonetheless, the charm of university life and the joy of shared experiences remain constants. The university spirit endures, urging us to embrace and maximize these formative years.

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