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Top 10 Universities Based on Student Happiness & Engagement

October 11, 2021
Student Life

Top 10 Universities Based on Student Happiness & Engagement

When it comes to choosing a university, academics and faculty are often supposed to take precedence.However, how happy you are and how often you get to engage with your university and your peers can be just as important. After all, you will spend the next four years (at least) at this place, why not have some fun while you are at it? 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

You do not want to end up looking back to your days at university and regret not making the most out of it. We often see University rankings based on academia or research, but there is rarely a focus on student well-being and experience. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10 universities based on student happiness and engagement to make sure students can enjoy the best of both worlds:

1. University of Cambridge - United Kingdom

It is known not just for its excellent academics but also for its various societies, houses, and clubs that give students opportunities to explore their interests and make new friends at the same time. The Fresher’s Fair and Job fair are two of the most popular events for newcomers where they can kick off their university experience.


2. University of Oxford - United Kingdom

There are a lot of spaces within and around campus that help make studying at Oxford a wholesome experience for its students. Also, the various clubs and societies make it a perfect place to learn and interact with new people. The Fresher’s Week and the Pie Party are well-known events for their fun programs.


3. Heidelberg University –Germany 

A place for visionaries. With the motto, ‘A Tradition for the Future,’ Heidelberg University ensures that its students’ happiness comes first and foremost with its various activities and events like HYPE Day and Homecoming.

4. University College Cork - Ireland

Not only is the faculty supportive and always ready to help, but this university also hosts various activities, like Treks and Student Meets, throughout the year to ensure that its students get all the chances to learn, grow and make connections.


5. University of Oslo - Norway

Students become more active while they feel fulfilled as this university often encourages their students to participate in activities that contribute in various ways to give back to society.The clubs and the events it hosts are another reason for its happy students.The International Student Festival is one of the biggest in the world of its kind. 

6. Technical University of Denmark

Denmark is a great place to live, and the university ensures that this experience is elevated by hosting various events and inspiring students to get to know themselves better. The university often hosts Fresher’s Party, Concerts, and job fairs to achieve this purpose.


7. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Switzerland

It is a favorite among students for its various clubs and activities. The engagement with other students and faculty is another cherry on top. The Orientation Week in itself is full of events that allow students to engage with each other.

8. University of Amsterdam - The Netherlands

This university is popular among students for its diverse crowd, numerous clubs, and activities that happen all year round. Students here tend to be content with their university experience because of the engagement opportunities and the focus on self-exploration. Events like Open Day are popular among students and faculty alike.

9. Leiden University - The Netherlands

Another gem when it comes to students’ happiness. Leiden University has an incredibly diverse portfolio of student activities that are both fun and educational. Events like Job Fair and FestiWell, allow students to enjoy their time while being productive and taking care of their well-being. 

10. University of Copenhagen - Denmark

With its international crowd and diverse student body, this is a great place to learn new things and become more open and adaptable. 

The university hosts various events in collaboration with its multiple clubs. Students are always encouraged to be their best selves and make the most of their time here, improving their happiness drastically.


Honorable Mentions in The Netherlands


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The VU ranks as one of the best universities in terms of international student satisfaction. 25% of their student body are international students, so they make sure to provide opportunities that cater to them. During the pandemic, they came up with initiatives that improved the students' well-being. 


University of Groningen 

Students of this university often feel fulfilled because of the excellent faculty that encourages their academic interests and a diverse student body that makes them experience new things and make friends from all over the globe. Many lectures and fairs are held for students to enjoy their time here.


TU Delft

This university has a high score in Student Satisfaction. One of their most interesting programs is the Dream Teams. These are groups of students who, during one entire year, design something and then participate in a competition. Examples of these are a solar car, a race car on hydrogen, or a hyper-loop system. 


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