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Top 10 Events Hosted by Universities in the Netherlands

September 28, 2021
Student Life

Top 10 Events Hosted by Universities in the Netherlands

One of the first things students look for when they start university is the list of events happening on campus, and honestly, why not? These events are the best way to get acquainted with other students and create memories you will cherish for life.

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is to never take any moment for granted. Every moment counts and, every event is another opportunity to network, learn new things, make friends and overall, have fun. 

We have curated a list of our top 10 events hosted by universities in the Netherlands that can boost the student experience:

1. Master's Open Day - Utrecht University

If you want to pursue your Master’s degree but have trouble making a final decision, the Master's Open Day is for you! It is an event hosted by Utrecht University for prospective students where they can ask all their questions and get them answered by experts.

2. Six Sigma Classes - University of Amsterdam

When you are in a new place, you are in a position to learn new skills that set you apart from the rest. Six Sigma Classes hosted by the University of Amsterdam does exactly that for you. Every year, the university organizes these classes for students interested in developing and improving existing resources and who are eager to learn new things.                                                  

3. Virtually Orange - University of Twente

The Virtually Orange Fair is the biggest Dutch event aimed at undergraduate students. Their goal is to provide them with the latest information about various opportunities in the ambit of international education. 

4. Good Practices on Student Well-Being - Leiden University and Semmelweis University

 As part of EUniWell, the European University of Well-Being collaborative project, Leiden University, and Semmelweis University will host an online symposium to share the good practices which will help students improve their well-being. Not only is this a great learning opportunity, but also a chance to network and get to know people from other universities. 

5. Introduction to Dutch- University of Groningen

This university offers a free introductory course which runs for three weeks where you can learn to speak, write and understand basic Dutch. International students can get acquainted not only with the language but also with the Dutch culture. 

6. Course on Academic Leadership – University of Twente

All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To make sure this does not happen with you, join this course on academic leadership which will equip you with the skills to take on the world, if needed, with your communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

7. House of Misconceptions - Leiden University

Is there anything better than letting go of your biases and embrace new knowledge and different cultures? House of Misconceptions is a unique event that allows you to explore new territories and learn (and relearn) by giving you an insight into your own mind. 

8. Essentials of Leadership - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Another great leadership program for all the leaders of tomorrow with a focus on Management.

9. Online office hour: Study abroad in Europe (Erasmus+) - University of Oldenburg

This event is a great one for those looking to find further opportunities and explore new avenues in their student journey in Europe.

10. Diversity Week- Eindhoven University of Technology

Diversity Weeks allow you to embrace your own culture and share it with others! It is a great way to learn more about different countries and make friends from all parts of the world.

11.Bijeenkomst Landelijk Netwerk Studentenwelzijn hoger onderwijs-ECIO

This event is not hosted by a university but we think its relevance towards inclusive education and student wellbeing make it worth mentioning. ECIO (Expert Centre on Inclusive Education) will host this event focused on collaboration to promote the well-being of students in higher education. Professionals and students of higher education are welcome to attend and share their insights on various issues surrounding student welfare.

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