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The Biggest Threats that Universities are Facing

February 3, 2023

With a rich history dating back centuries, universities have stood the test of time, evolving through various challenges. Today, they confront a new set of obstacles. In this article, we delve into the most significant threats currently looming over universities and higher education institutions.

1. Lack of Funding:

One of the foremost challenges universities face is financial sustainability. Declining government funding coupled with rising costs pose a substantial threat. Data from the European University Association reveals that 30% of European universities experienced a decrease in government funding in the past year. This financial strain compels institutions to make difficult choices, including program cuts, resource reductions, tuition fee hikes, and a decrease in student services. To adapt, universities are embracing scalability and digitalization.

2. Promoting Accessibility:

Another pressing concern is increasing accessibility, particularly for underrepresented groups like low-income students and marginalized communities. Data from the European Association for International Education shows that only 35% of European university students come from low-income households. Furthermore, students with parents who hold university degrees are more likely to pursue higher education. Addressing this disparity, universities are exploring avenues to provide equitable access to education, bridging socioeconomic and racial gaps.

3. Mental Health Prioritization:

Student mental health has emerged as a paramount concern. Preexisting challenges have been exacerbated by the global pandemic. A survey conducted by the National Union of Students in the UK revealed that 75% of students have grappled with mental health issues during their university journey. Consequently, universities are significantly increasing investments in student well-being, augmenting facilities and support programs to address this growing concern.

4. Climate Change Imperative:

In alignment with global imperatives, universities are under pressure to confront climate change. Student-led protests and demonstrations have surged, demanding universities to curtail their carbon footprint and champion sustainability. For instance, in 2022, Dutch student groups occupied the offices of top-level university management, urging more robust climate action. Universities are acknowledging their role in fostering sustainability and embracing eco-friendly practices.


While universities confront diverse challenges, funding constraints, accessibility disparities, mental health prioritization, and climate change loom large. These four challenges are common denominators, affecting institutions globally. Nevertheless, universities remain resilient, adapting to the evolving landscape and striving to provide quality education despite the hurdles.

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