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Uni-Life and Student Pulse Join Forces to Achieve the Best Student Experience

November 9, 2021

On a daily basis, there are millions of students that attend universities all over the world and in this period of time students experience a lot of changes: they become self-sufficient professionals ready to take on what the world has to give them. 

It is a common goal for StudentPulse and Uni-Life to help educational institutions to make this period enjoyable and create the best experience for their students.

Down below, we will give you insights on what both of the companies work with and how they will join forces to achieve this goal.

StudentPulse is an intelligent Student Management Platform combining micro surveys with real-time data analytics to empower your educational institution to improve student experience throughout their educational journey. The platform maps out which drivers perform less optimally, and provides educational institutions with recommended actions to improve the drivers. The company focuses on providing services from a global perspective: wherever there are students, StudentPulse is ready to help. 

‘’At StudentPulse we believe that we can bring educational institutions and students closer together to shape a better educational journey for the next generation of students.’’.
Head of Commercial at StudentPulse, Frederik Halbak Jacobsen. 

The company has created a framework for micro surveys that gives universities and other educational institutions the ability to get an overview of how successful their institution is by providing great student experiences and what students think of services provided by the university.

What benefits do universities see after using StudentPulse?
  • Reduced dropout rates
  • Fulfilled student expectations
  • Finding upcoming issues 
  • Creating better communication with students
  • Benchmark results
  • Received improvement suggestions 
  • Improved brand reputation

This is just a small part of what StudentPulse does, but now that we have introduced what we do, let's take a look at what we do at Uni-Life.

Uni-Life is an event platform that helps universities to build a stronger campus community, boost student engagement and increase university wellbeing. We do that by collecting and monitoring student data which showcases all the social aspects that affect student happiness. 

The Uni-Life platform is created so it provides insights into student activity,  event popularity, event trends with different student segments, and campus development. The platform also contains relevant information for students such as upcoming events, student associations, organizations, faculties, clubs, and initiatives at the university. 

‘’Uni-Life thrives to create the best university experience for students, link them to as many opportunities as possible and enable every student to have the best student life that there can be’’ 
- Uni-Life founder, Joep Annega.

Although Uni-Life is also an analytical platform that's not all that they do. After data collection and analysis, the company helps universities by creating actionable suggestions on the best ways to meet their student’s needs. 

Uni-Life also provides universities with full support to help them fill the platform with content and market it to students.

What benefits do Universities see after using Uni-Life?
  • Increased student attraction
  • Increased student interaction
  • Ability to match student needs
  • Improved brand reputation

As mentioned before, both companies work on a shared goal: helping students and universities to get the most out of student experience. 

By joining forces, the companies plan to create an outstanding impact on the student university experience. Now universities will be able to get an overview of both education and social student well-being.

This partnership will not only bring universities all the benefits both platforms provide institutions with now but add new and unique benefits.

Together Uni-Life and StudentPulse will be able to provide universities the ‘’best of both worlds’’:
  • Increased student attraction
  • Improved brand reputation
  • Meet student needs and fulfill expectations
  • Good communication between students and university
  • Increased peer to peer interaction
  • Find upcoming issues
  • Trend analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Improvement suggestions 
Although this is just a part of the results this partnership will provide. Now the universities will be able to gather new types of information such as: 
  • How does student social life affect learning outcomes and educational engagement?
  • How can universities meet student needs in every aspect of their student life?
  • How educational workload affects student social life and the effect it has on students' mental well-being?
  • How to create a balance between educational and social activities?
  • How to boost student mental well-being with social activities during the busy educational year?

Not only will there be much more data on student social and educational well-being, but also information on services provided by the institution, events, organizations, and opportunities at the specific university.

This is just the start of this joint journey, and we are sure that as we grow we will find more ways to achieve our common goal of providing a successful university experience. 

If you want to learn more about both platforms, feel free to visit our websites here: Uni-LifeStudentPulse

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