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🚀 Learn about the new Uni-Life app features!

March 31, 2022

Unlocking New App Features: Enhancing Student and Community Connections

We are thrilled to introduce our latest app features, poised to bring a wave of benefits to both students and associations while fostering a tighter-knit campus community. This month, we've rolled out substantial updates, notably transforming the old "Communities" tab into the all-new "Groups" tab.

Streamlined Access to Associations and Communities:

Under the Associations section of the Groups tab, students will find a comprehensive directory of all associations at their university. Here, they can effortlessly browse through these associations, gaining insights into their upcoming events. A simple click on the 'follow' button not only keeps students informed about private events within these associations but also integrates these events into the Events tab. Furthermore, the News tab keeps them in the loop with the latest updates from these associations. This consolidation promises an enhanced experience, making it easier for students to engage with their university's vibrant association scene.

Empowering Student-Driven Communities:

In the Communities section of the Groups tab, all students have access to a wealth of communities, fostering inclusivity and diversity. Here, students can explore these communities and even initiate their own meet-ups and communities, promoting a dynamic and student-driven campus environment.

Stay Informed with the News Tab:

Our new News tab is your gateway to staying updated on crucial announcements and special events hosted by university associations. This feature ensures that students remain well-informed and engaged in the campus happenings that matter most to them.

We are genuinely excited to introduce these transformative features this month, but our commitment to improvement doesn't stop here. We are dedicated to fine-tuning our app continuously, striving to make it the most efficient and indispensable tool for university students.

These new features mark a significant step towards building a more connected, vibrant, and engaging campus community. We can't wait to see how they elevate the university experience for our students and associations alike.

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