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Student Engagement

How Uni-Life Contributes to a Healthier Student Life

March 26, 2021

Hey, welcome back!

We recently asked our most engaged students at our partner universities how Uni-Life was helping them, and the results surpassed our most optimistic expectations.

At every university we work at, our goal is always to help the students who are actively looking to get more out of their university experience. We do this together with the university, and link students to as many opportunities as we possibly can. This could be events from associations, cool projects, student initiatives, meeting other students, getting in touch with communities and much, much more.

Some students have their lives entirely sorted, and that’s great, but there’s many students who would love some additional guidance to make their student years (even) better, especially now.

It’s these students who most regularly use our platform, and we recently asked if/how we’ve made an influence.

The results

From our survey, our active student users indicated that:

  • 61% found it easier to make new friends
  • 73% became more socially active
  • 90% found out about more opportunities
  • 77% found out more about associations

These are some pretty cool statistics, but they’re not the ones we’re most proud of. What really inspired us was the following:

  • 66% feels more connected to the student community at their university
  • 69% found it easier to develop themselves personally
  • 20% even felt more confident about finishing their studies because of Uni-Life!

Although that last result may sound low, the fact that almost 1 in 5 of our engaged students feels like they have a better chance of successfully graduating is amazing! We know it’s been an incredibly tough year, but hearing all the stories about how we’re making a small difference is what’s driving us to keep going!

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