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5 key benefits of working abroad

October 30, 2023
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From our experience, we can tell you that working abroad is a great experience you won't regret. We listed the benefits of living in another country here!

Maybe you have doubts or think it is a big step to start working abroad. Is this something for me? Do I really dare to? These are questions that may be running through your head, which is totally understandable! From our own experience, we can tell you that working abroad is a great experience you won't regret. Many colleagues of our team have enjoyed their work and travel abroad and experienced wonderful adventures. Therefore we see it as an opportunity you should not miss! Below, we have listed five benefits of a foreign experience for you. 🌍

1. Stand out from others

When you start working abroad, you leave your familiar surroundings in your home country. You end up in a new country and are on your own, maybe for the first time ever. You hear a different language, experience a different culture, and other habits apply. Soon, you will also notice differences at your workplace. At first, it can be difficult to get the hang of the new habits. It can even be overwhelming in some situations, forcing you to step outside your comfort zone. But exactly these moments will allow you to develop personally and professionally. You will learn to find a place to live abroad, communicate in another language, adapt to a new (work) culture, and solve problems independently when unexpected things happen. Not everything will always turn out as you planned. As a result, you will master more and more challenges, and your self-confidence will develop! A foreign experience will make you stand out from others!

2. New experiences

When you come back and apply for a job (or stay abroad forever and start looking for a new job), the employer will notice your experience, which makes you an interesting candidate! After all, you show that you are interested in different cultures and adaptable. In addition, you prove that you have better language skills in foreign languages and are flexible, independent and self-reliant. You develop traits that others do not have. It's the perfect opportunity to build a career abroad and add good work experience to your CV. By working abroad, you show your employer you have life experience and dare to leave your comfort zone. According to our experiences, you will fall in love very quickly with the new lifestyle you've created for yourself, broadening your horizon, creating exciting stories and enjoying free time to the most! 🏖️

3. Expand your network & make friends

By going abroad, you expand your network by making new valuable contacts. You have the opportunity to make international connections with people from different cultural backgrounds from all over the world. They also can help you further in your career sooner or later. In addition, when working abroad, you often make friends quickly. Because there are often more new employees, you quickly get along and people are often very open. You will notice that people that are different, but also similar to you in many different ways. Experiencing moments abroad together creates a special bond! From our own experience, we can tell you that you can make new friends you never want to lose again.

4. Improve your language skills

You will greatly improve your language skills when you take on the challenge of working abroad. Think of English, but also German, Spanish and French language skills are of your advantage. As you will be living and working in another country, you will come into contact with locals when you go shopping or order coffee in a café, for instance. But you may also find yourself working in a team with different nationalities. We can tell you from our own experience that after only a few months, your language skills will be on a new level. Without realizing it, you are investing in yourself!

5. Broaden your horizon

A very important reason to embark on an adventure abroad is that your horizon will broaden when you start working there. You will come into contact with the locals' new cultures and unfamiliar habits. Often, you grow up in your familiar surroundings and only see how your family is dealing with certain situations. Discovering how other people and cultures do things is interesting, and often you can learn from each other. You can learn to appreciate the different norms and values in the other country and become more open minded. Get inspired by other people, start living in the moment, and get a new view of the world!

Now, it's your turn to explore the world and have an adventure! Take a look at our vacancies abroad and start exploring. Not quite convinced yet? No problem! You can always contact us via the website chat, mail and phone. We are happy to answer all your questions and share our personal experiences about working abroad! 🧳

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