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Pleased to meet you

We're Uni-Life, the student platform for universities to build a stronger campus community, boost student engagement and increase university wellbeing.

We were founded in 2018, and work together with some of the biggest and most respectable universities in the world.

Our student-proof app

Students can organise a meet-up with another student (e.g. grab a coffee), find all relevant events, activities, & initiatives or setup their own student community.

Because we focus on creating a pleasant student experience, we can provide universities with lots of data insights on student interests, activity & involvement.

Our community support

We don't just provide our universities with the Uni-Life platform, we also ensure the Uni-Life platform is used successfully.

Our community team will help you implement the product, fill it with content & promote it to students. All year round.

See Uni-Life in Action

The Uni-Life demo is designed to give you a better understanding of the platform, what it can do for your organization, & how easily it can be implemented.

All under 2 minutes - seriously, we timed it.
01 Setup
Create a test environment with your unique specifications.
02 Explore
Discover whether Uni-Life meets all your needs & requirements.
03 Expand
Share the demo environment with your colleagues, students and organisations.


Does Uni-Life integrate with other platforms?

Yes, with all our universities we look at smart integrations that help the university, students and organisations.

What is Uni-Life's pricing model?

We work directly with universities on a yearly licensing fee. The exact costs depends on various factors such as enrolled students. For more information please get in touch with our sales team.

Can I block out unwanted organisations?

Yes! With Uni-Life you have full control over which organisations can promote their events to your students.

Does Uni-Life provide support?

Of course! Every university is supported by both our community manager and a brand ambassador (a student at your university that can offer additional support).

How can I gain access to all student activity?

With Uni-Life, you're able to see a real-time overview of everything happening on your personal dashboard. We also send weekly or monthly (your choice) data overviews that contain additional information.

Is our student data protected?

100%. We have very strict agreements with all our universities to ensure that no students ever need to worry about giving away their data.

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