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Designer– Online Course

550,00 €

The Task

We are looking for someone who can work with us and design the course: 1. Review and design slide deck (around 200-250 slides) 2. Edit around 40 videos (one presenter, each video will be around 4 minutes) 3. Integrate 100 quiz questions into the online course 4. Create a storyboard or prototype You will be working directly with the course developer who has prepared the course content, recordings, quizzes and all other materials. We are looking for someone who can help us create an exciting, engaging and user-friendly course, ready to be uploaded onto our Learning Management System (LMS) and ready to be enjoyed by many, many professionals. A great opportunity to work with an international, non-profit organization. We have developed a short professional course with over 100 questions, more than 250 PowerPoint slides and a script with more than 25,000 words, providing enough content for around forty, short videos (4-5 minutes lengths). The course is divided into six modules and is targeted at early career professionals working for health and social care inspectorates.

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