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Repair workshop: What’s inside my device?

Ever wondered what's inside your favourite device? Join this workshop hosted by Thomas de Boer in which he’ll teach you how to open up and close your device without breaking it. Thomas will start with a one-hour masterclass before opening up the repair cafe, where you can bring your devices and technical queries for repair advice and solutions. Thomas runs these workshops with the view to improve sustainability within electronics: better-working knowledge of our devices means longer-lasting products, with fewer ending up in landfills. What to Expect Hands-On: Learn how to open your device and make small repairs. Tool Mastery: Master the use of screwdrivers, pryers, and other tools like a pro. Fear-Free Exploration: Gain the confidence to explore without hesitation. Why Attend Sustainability: Prevent devices from ending up in landfills too soon. Save costs: Discover simple fixes for common issues, saving you time and money on professional repairs. Empowerment: Break free from the fear of the unknown, and understand your devices on a deeper level. Connection: Meet new people or hang out with friends who share your curiosity. Remember: Bring your own device to work on and your billie cup! Don’t forget to book a spot to attend this event! This event takes place at Exhale, right behind X TU Delft. You don't need an X-subscription to attend.

February 28, 2024

Exhale, Exhale