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Amsterdam Investment Cruise 2023-2024

About The Amsterdam Investment Cruise is a unique event with a focus on Corporate Finance and M&A. This event bridges the gap between you and your potential career in Corporate Finance or M&A. It provides insights into corporate finance and M&A, along with a glimpse into career opportunities with participating companies. Spread out over the course of three weeks, each company will host an in-house day followed by informal drinks on a cruise over the canals of Amsterdam. During these in-house days, you will gain firsthand experience of the company’s work environment. You will get the opportunity to show these firms your skills and problem-solving abilities through an interactive and challenging case. The day will end with informal drinks with employees and students from the in-house day on a cruise over the canals of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Investment Cruise will occur between 3rd of April 2024 to the 19th of April 2024. Who are we looking for? This event is designed for students from all disciplines in their final stage of their Bachlor or Master’s degree, with a strong interest in Corporate Finance and M&A. Application Apply via the button below! Please Note: applicants can apply to a maximum of five companies when participating in the Amsterdam Investment Cruise. Applicants who apply for more than five in-house days will automatically be excluded from participating in the in-house days that exceeded the limit of applications.

April 2, 2024

Amsterdam, Amsterdam