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Explore & Win - Campus & City Bingo Adventure

Embark on an exciting exploration of your campus and city like never before with our "Explore & Win - Campus & City Bingo Adventure." Join fellow explorers in a quest to discover hidden gems, landmarks, and unique spots while competing for fantastic prizes in a bingo-style adventure. Schedule: Meet us outside East Building, UCW to head to play the bingo adventure. What to expect: Bingo Boards: Receive a specially crafted bingo board featuring a mix of campus landmarks and city highlights. Your mission: explore, find, and mark off the spots as you go. Scavenger Hunt Vibes: Immerse yourself in the thrill of a city-wide scavenger hunt as you search for the locations on your bingo board. Every discovery brings you one step closer to winning! Prizes Galore: Complete a row, column, or diagonal on your bingo board, and you could win exciting prizes! From local gift cards to exclusive campus experiences, there's something special for every winner. Community Exploration: Connect with fellow participants, share your discoveries, and maybe team up for a collaborative win. It's not just a game; it's a chance to build community and make new friends. Photo Challenges: Capture the essence of each location with photo challenges. Share your snapshots on social media with event hashtags for a chance to be featured and win bonus prizes. What to Bring: Comfortable Shoes for Walking Smartphone or Camera for Photo Challenges Adventurous Spirit Excitement to Explore Your Campus and City

March 21, 2024

UCW, Vancouver, BC