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For Love of the Worls | Art, Technology and Philosophy Festival

Heinrich Päs, Andreas Weber Price: 17.50 This festival is bilingual. The programme is partly in Dutch. Can we write a new story for our world? One where we live in harmony with nature, treat each other equitably and use our knowledge and technology democratically? Studium Generale TU Delft presents the For Love of the World festival, in which we invite you to join us in looking for new and different stories about the world. During this journey we bring together technology, philosophy, and art in order to come to new perspectives. Expect enervating lectures, enchanting art, interactive workshops, thrilling theater and deep conversations. We want to shape the future together with you and search for answers to the most important questions. Can we look at our place in the cosmos? How can we learn to treat the planet with more respect? And what impact does the increasing autonomy of technology have on us as humanity? We invite you to participate, to share and discover new stories together. Confirmed speakers: Professor of theoretical physics Heinrich Päs. In his book The One (2023), he combines physics, philosophy, and the history of human thought while investigating the nature of the universe. Quantum physics meets Eastern philosophy. Biologist and philosopher dr. Andreas Weber. In his book Enlivenment. Toward a Poetics for the Anthropocene (2019), he takes us beyond Enlightenment to new insights into our interconnectedness with nature, and what the consequences are if we continue to put ourselves outside of the natural order. Artist Laura A Dima, creator of the art installation Future Affair, a multimedia installation in which technology and intimacy are explored through touch. Theater performances by young makers in collaboration with Delft Fringe Festival

March 23, 2024

Theater de Veste, Theater de Veste