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Winter weeks: Creative Writing: Found Poetry (ENG)

Poetry does not just live in the minds of such exalted talents as Maggie Smith and Ocean Vuong; it is all around us and, with the right eye and a good amount of practice, it can be distilled from the myriad of texts surrounding us, brought to the surface, re-examined in new contexts, and become art. In this workshop, we will scour everything from speeches and news briefings, to traffic signs and menus for that poetic spark and experiment with making these words our own. We will also discuss related topics such as the concept of authorship and what it is that defines poetry. This workshop is perfect for those who are new to poetry and looking for an accessible first taste, as well as seasoned poets in search of new techniques.

December 21, 2023

Wijnhaven, room 2.10B., Wijnhaven, room 2.10B.