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Anxiety: Taboo Topic

This workshop is for those of us who have had panic attacks, anxiety attacks, who overthink all night about something we said or how we said it . For those of us who are more stressed about arriving at a meet up than actually being there, or the other way around C In this taboo topic, we will uncover a couple of possible reasons why we are the way we are, we will discuss and share as much as we want .. and we will find a community of people who struggle just the same If even the thought of joining this TT makes you anxious, this is the right safe place for you sal. Please reach out to our host who has GAD and she will help make joining easier * . ~ Well-Being Week~ November 30th 14:00-15:30 • Langeveled 2.08

November 30, 2023

Woudestein Campus, langeveld 2.08