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Mindful Meetup

Unleash your inner harmony at the Mindful Meetup: Songs of Taizé. Trough music and sooting harmonies we will explore the meditative practice of singing together. The Mindful Meet-up is an event where theory around mindfulness and meditation is combined with practical testing on a different theme every month. Whether it is about physicality, calligraphy or origami, at the Mindful Meet-up you will find other people who are involved in meditation, spirituality and the meaning of self-improvement. This month we will sing songs from Taizé together. Taizé is an ecomenical Christian monastery in France where thousands of young people come together to meet each other and enjoy quiet, meditative music. Petra and Geert-Jan from Taizé in Amsterdam will teach us some songs about light and darkness in preparation for the Festival of Lights.

November 30, 2023

3D room, VU