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TechLec | Why ChatGPT is not Like a Pocket Calculator and other Misconceptions about AI

By their very nature, the seemingly endless capacities of new generative AI models spark our imagination. Unfortunately, these daydreams go hand-in-hand with some misconceptions. Anco Peeters will discuss three common misconceptions: 1) that generative AI are neutral tools; 2) that they are creative, and 3) that they will save us work. He will end on a more positive note, namely under what conditions we can use generative AI without losing sight of our autonomy. Anco Peeters is a philosopher and cognitive scientist specialising in artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience. His present research is on the (virtue) ethics of artificial intelligence, (episodic) memory and mnemonics, and the general understanding of mind in embodied, enactive cognition terms.

September 25, 2023

Auditorium, Minderbroedersberg 4-6