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*What are the terms & conditions?

Below are the terms & conditions of this referral program:

1. To be eligible for any rewards, you and all people you have referred must have registered using real email addresses.

2. Uni-Life also has the right to remove any participant at any time if we suspect any forms of fraud.

3. There is a limit of 1500 GO-Sharing Vouchers, 400 Deliveroo vouchers, 20 university hoodies per university & 3 brand new bikes.
4. Once the limit is reached, Uni-Life will remove the reward without informing participants.
5. No rights can be derived from the automatic emails sent by Uni-Life. This includes if a reward has reached the limit before the prize can be removed and the participant reaches that reward, the user will be informed but not have the right to the prize. It also includes if the wrong email is sent by mistake.
6. Individual terms & conditions may apply for certain vouchers from participating third parties (e.g. expiration) that Uni-Life takes no responsibility for.

7. The images are not representative of the actual reward.
8. The GO-Sharing voucher is 40 free riding minutes split across 10 riding sessions (first 4 minutes free). The voucher is eligible for all (existing & new) GO-Sharing users.
9. The SwapFiets voucher is 20EUR off for new Swapfiets users only.
10. The Deliveroo voucher is 15EUR free split across 3 orders (5EUR per order). The minimum order value has to be over 15EUR. The voucher is only eligible for new Deliveroo users.
11. The hoodie can either be picked up or awarded as a voucher for the university gift shop (individual terms may apply depending on the university).
12. The brand new bike has a monetary value of 150EUR.

How do I earn rewards?

Every time you send your personal referral link to a friend and they join the program (by entering their name & email), you get 1 point. Once your points reach a reward, we will be in contact with you!

Do I have to be a student at a specific university?

You must be a student at the Erasmus University, Leiden University, Tilburg University, TU Delft, Utrecht University or VU Amsterdam.

Where can I keep track of who joined with my referral code?

By coming back to this page, you can always keep track. You will also get an email every time a friend joins that shows your updated score.

I have a problem with the Uni-Life app or referral program?

We are sorry to hear that, please contact our team via the chat or via