The number one campus tool in Spain🇪🇸

Offer a lively, social and engaged student life.

Save time, increase retention, and reduce costs.

Before we used Uni-Life, campus events were scattered across lots of platforms. Uni-Life provided the overview we were looking for.

We've known for a long time that some of our students did not feel like they were a part of the community, and Uni-Life has been instrumental in tackling this issue.

Uni-Life has helped us tremendously to achieve the campus ambitions that we are striving for. They have played an important role in our social campus transition.

For student associations, Uni-Life is a user-friendly app to reach students and grow their member base.

Compliant with the strictest university privacy & technical regulations.

Our software has been used by many campuses, and we guarantee our solution will meet your institution's requirements.


Makes a real difference for student's on your campus.

Together with our university partners, we have calculated that 70% of Uni-Life users were more open to new experiences, 52% felt more connected to the university community and 24% of students were more confident about graduating.


The perfect student tool.

How do we boost engagement on campus?

Buddy System

Let other students know you're looking for someone to help you out on campus.

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Student Communities

Have a particular interest or passion? Start your own group to make new friends.

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Personal Notifications

Get notified whenever new activities are posted that match your interests.

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News & Notifications

Never miss out on anything important happening on campus again.

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Want to grab a coffee or find a work-out buddy? Reach other students directly.

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Follow any organizations or communities to always stay up to date on their activities.

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Platform, team & data insights.

We offer a complete package to help you get the highest student engagement. Our platform brings all content together, our community team helps you promote it to students, and our data insights help you understand student needs.

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