Software engineer - intern or permanent

Paris (France)
Student / Recent Graduate
IT & Digital

The Job

(。◕‿◕。)'ノ'' Feel free to reach out if this description leaves any question you might have unanswered Ayolab is a Paris-based remote-friendly startup leveraging its proprietary technology to help global brands get visibility on their distribution on e-commerce websites worldwide. Come join a small, high-level-high-impact team, starting as soon as possible. Whether you are a back-end , front-end or full-stack engineer, if you are looking for a challenge, we think you might be interested :) The job: A small, high quality, high impact team It sounds silly, but we actually build the product that we sell. So you will be working with us on modeling in a robust way a domain (e-commerce) that is in constant mutation and where data is by essence volatile We are a small team so you will join us in our work on the few but important tools and standards we use to maximize our velocity You will progressively work on all parts of the stack, the devops part (Ansible, Terraform) as well as the apps part, which includes micro-services in Scala mostly (ZIO first), Typescript, Golang, with communications between services done in Grpc, all running on Kubernetes. If you don't know what this all means, it's fine, all the more to learn! A few examples of what a service can do: images analysis/processing, text analysis, api integration, CRUD on some entity/ies from our domain, customer facing UI, etc. Architecture decisions are team-made, implementations are solo-lead with the usual code review (and though the almighty code-style is our guide, it is team-made too) Your profile: Master from a University or Engineering degree (Ecole d'ingénieur in France) or equivalent experience, this would be your last year internship

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