Organized Sales Manager

Copenhagen (Denmark)
Student / Recent Graduate
Business & Management

The Job

Are You the right Commercial profile, to straighten the Fiber activation in the organized market? If you would like to place your mark on TDC NET’s commercial agenda? – would you like to contribute to the activation of a massive Fiber infrastructure footprint? - do you have the commercial knowledge to enable, create and promote the business scene and dialogue regarding the Organized market? – this could be the right role for you…! About the job You will drive sales and commercial activities, securing activation of end-customers in the ‘Organized’ market The purpose is to motivate associations, and its members, to activate available TDC NET infrastructure, mainly Fiber. I.e., in dialogue with SPs, you will ensure relevant initiatives, via SP, to: partly convert associations from COAX to Fiber, partly ensure activation of both existing and new infrastructure on both COAX & Fiber. These objectives naturally in close cooperation with both internal (e.g. Commercial Steering, Marketing) and external stakeholders (e.g. SP and possibly the associations). Overall, your primary tasks will be to: SP dialogue / workshops (relevant Organized-sales, sales managers etc.) Daily interaction with O-managers at SP (about specific cases and campaign wishes, local market activities etc.) Drive sales and market activities towards the O-market/organized customers´ Collaborate with SP and internal stakeholders on organized customers and create activities thereon Communicate relevant market input and SP wishes to the right TDC NET stakeholders Create G2M plans and campaigns relevant to activate the Organized segment Build and process business cases Create presentation of major sales cases and disseminate relevant knowledge so that resources are internally prioritized where these are of optimal benefit About you You are motivated by working across organizations and functions, and to make a difference for our customers From experience, you are well-versed and have a relevant education. Your career so far has given you extensive experience in collaboration, consulting, sales and business development and you know how to work on both strategic, tactic, and operational level. You can keep track of many tasks and familiarize yourself with the customers' business, so you can create solutions based on their business model. Professionally you are familiar with and experience within relevant commercial disciplines such as, commercial management, sales, account management - which have given you a ballast and commercial insight, necessary to navigate within telco and to handle and match end-customer, Service provider and Organized customer interests at the same time. Experience and insight in organized market is an advantage, not a prerequisite. As a person you are pragmatic, a “do’er”. You can set up a business case, as well as build and drive a case from opportunity to approval. To successfully manage internal and external interests you are a skilled communicator, with flair for sales and stakeholder management. As you support multiple parties, you will need fingerspitzengefühl, discretion and understanding of stakeholder management in an environment with occasionally opposing agendas. Fluency in Danish and English, verbal and in writing is a prerequisite.

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