Intership - Ecodesign Project Manager (M/F)

Cognac (France)
Student / Recent Graduate
Maison Hennessy
Business & Management

The Job

Poste Maison Hennessy was founded in Cognac in 1765. Today, it is one of the LVMH group's flagships. For more than 250 years, the Maison Hennessy has been cultivating the art of excellence. Today, the Maison is the unrivaled market leader and the world's top premium spirits brand. 99% of its turnover in sales is made abroad. After formalizing its Raison d'être, Maison Hennessy also formalized its vision: " make Hennessy shine globally as the most desirable and the most environnementally and socially responsible luxury sprits house " In order to double the Hennessy value in 2030, 10 strategic pilars are defined. One of them, belonging to the fundamental ones, is Sustainable Development, having for mission "cultivating the future" on two channels: planet and people. One of the main objectives for 2030 regarding "planet" is to ensure that 100% of our new product development falls within an ecodesign approach. With the Transparency and Ecodesign project manager, you will work on the following missions: 1.Packaging projects follow up : Ensure the respect of the environmental objectives of LVMH (Life 360), Moët Hennessy (Living Soils, Living Together) and Hennessy. Assist packaging project managers and brand managers by being proactive to advise the best design options and the best materials choices. This, to ensure an eco-design product (exchanges with agencies and designers from the first brief, indicator calculation and comparison, proposals...) Calculate the indicators and analyze them: IPE (Environmental performance index), LCA (Life cycle analysis) ... 2. Analysis and Innovation: Collaborating with development packaging team: Analyze and update the innovations (technical, eco materials, suppliers, analysis tools, ...) Realize a benchmark study of the spirit's market Analyze the regulations (updates and new ones) collaborating with the legal department, public affairs and markets. 3. Cross functional topics: Study and implement the reuse of our bottles (circularity) Study and integrate recycle glass in our bottles and decanters (work with suppliers and other Spirits maisons) Be proactive to assist the packaging development and Marketing teams in the use of no plastic from virgin fossil oil. Analyze the end of life of our product depending on the markets et develop with MH the adapted channels when needed. Update the specifications for suppliers to be in coherence with LVMH objectives and to allow the environmental reporting. 4. Ecodesign Tools With LVMH and Moët Hennessy, update the IPE Analyze LCA calculations Write and update a "Livret Blanc" of Eco-design including objectives and main advices (guidelines) To decide, include a green finance tool 5. Reporting Develop and adapt tools to facilitate the environmental reporting to LVMH. 6. Transparency platform Update the platform content: add languages and concerned markets, add products, follow up and update of our suppliers and own certifications from vineyard to distribution. Profil Education: 1st or 2nd year of master / engineer degree with a specialization in packaging, materials or environment. Language: English, French is a plus. Professional experience & know how / Technical & management skills: You have a knowledge of the materials used in packaging and their environmental issues. You know how to popularize a scientific and complex topic. You have knowledge on circular economy and LCA. You are rigorous and organized You have an analytical mind and an ability to summarize You have good leadership and communication skills You master the applications of the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...) You are passionate about the environmental cause. Personal & interpersonal skills: Curiosity, creativity, Pragmatism, proactivity and solution oriented Adaptability, flexibility Dynamic, positive and enthusiast attitude Team spirit and relational capacities Integrity and benevolence
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