Internship - Software Engineering - Confirmed APP [6 months]

Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Student / Recent Graduate
adidas AG
IT & Digital

The Job

JOIN HYPE X CONFIRMED: At Mobile Tech department of adidas we have back-end chapter and front-end chapter, with the latter further divided into Android, iOS, Web, and Quality Assurance (QA) teams. The Android team uses Kotlin programming language along with Jetpack Compose and Kotest for developing using Behaviour-driven development approach. We also follow the Clean Architecture with Model-View-Intent (MVI) pattern. The iOS team uses Swift programming language and implements The Composable Architecture (TCA) and utilizes Snapshot testing. The Web team uses TypeScript and React to develop their applications. Finally, the QA team uses Appium for testing the applications. Back-end chapter includes a wide variety of technologies from Kubernetes to Kotlin to Typescript. With this well-rounded tech stack, we are well equipped to deliver high-quality software solutions to meet business goals. WHAT WILL I DO? Write code for millions of users around the world using adidas mobile apps Work closely with Product department to deliver business value to our users Invest time in personal growth and development by using online resources and receiving mentorship Work together with talented engineers who are following best practices in Software engineering using the cutting edge technologies WHAT IF I DON'T CHECK ALL THE BOXES? It’s ok if some of the technology or terminology mentioned here are new for you. We’ll happily teach you. At adidas, we’re keen to increase our team’s diversity of backgrounds and skills, and we’re more interested in the work you will produce than that work you’ve already produced in the past. If you’d love to work with us, then we’d love to hear from you. KEY FACTS: Application Deadline: March 15th, 2023 Start Date:September 15th,2023 Duration: 6months Location: adidas Headquarters in Amsterdam city Eligibility: you are enrolled as a student for the full 6 months internship and you are an EU Citizen or a Non-EU Citizen studying in The Netherlands Candidates in penultimate year of study preferred (following the internship, students should have maximum one year to graduate). YOUR APPLICATION: At adidas we believe that “Impossible is Nothing”. As part of your application, we’d like you to tell us what this phrase means to you. Think of what makes you passionate about joining the brand and why you want this role. The format is totally up to you! If you are creative minded, show us. If you're analytical, share more! If you prefer to simply put pen to paper, go for it. Your '1 pager' can be submitted as print, visual, written, digital or a link. The only requirement is that the 1 pager is submitted as a PDF.

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