Emerton Data (Internship) - Full-Stack Data & AI Engineer

Paris (France)
Student / Recent Graduate
Sciences, Engineering & R&D

The Job

Company : Emerton Data is the reference premium consulting firm in data & AI services. We help companies use data to drive decisions, to create impact, and to transform business. We develop innovative approaches and tailored solutions to complex problems, which generate impact. Thus, we hire passioned and talented full-stack engineers who will have a strong impact on the solution quality and features. Our best-in-class engineers develop custom software to solve data & AI use cases for our clients. We also incubate and ramp-up new ventures and products on promising topics. The most recent example is the development of Agrisight, a unique deep tech platform to improve the agricultural supply chain efficiency, that is now a SaaS product offered to clients, with a fast-growing activity. Our full-stack engineers play a strong role in the whole process of creating a solution: from system design to implementation, using current best practices and cutting-edge technologies, including training and running advanced machine learning and optimization model. Our approach for data & software engineering : We believe very strong development standards are required to develop complex software. A great focus is put on static typing (e.g. TypeScript for front-end development, Pyright for type-checking Python code), infrastructure-as-code (Docker containerization), continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD pipelines). We build our solutions on top of the most advanced and capable open-source software, to which we contribute by either issue reporting or pull requests. Every software engineer is free to use the coding tools he is the most comfortable with, whether it is on MacOS X or Linux, with VSCode or Vim. Your Role : Your activities will cover the whole software engineering process, from algorithmic efficiency to ergonomic and valuable data visualizations. You will have to use your business sense to find the right answers to business problems. You will identify the best technology fit and design the best architecture to meet our clients’ expectations, and act with strong DevOps affinity to produce robust and efficient implementation. Technologies and practices are evolving fast and continuously in the data & AI space, you will therefore keep yourself up-do-date in order to take our software and solutions to the next level of robustness, security and scalability. Requirements : Business senseand demonstratedself-learningcapabilities Good knowledge ofdata structures(e.g. arrays, stacks, queues, hash tables, trees, heaps) and commonalgorithms(e.g. sorting, searching, hashing) Basic knowledge of machine learning and optimization algorithms in production Programming experience inJavaScript(preferably using Flow or TypeScript), ideally with a knowledge of React Programming experience with Python and with a statically typed back-end language Experience withrelational databases(e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) with a great understanding of query execution plans Ideally a good knowledge of Cloud providers (e.g AWS, Azure, OVH, GCP) anddocker containers Ideally a good knowledge of the commonCI / CDtools (e.g. Git, Travis, Jenkins) Basic knowledge of Linux and system administration duties

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