Service Engineer

Student / Recent Graduate
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The Job

Perform periodic and preventive and corrective maintenance on cleaning equipment to ensure that equipment continues to perform reliably. Respond to customer enquiries about the terms and conditions of service agreements. Refer sales leads and customer feedto changing customer demands. Maintain accurate service records; monitor the performance of cleaning equipment. 定期对清洁设备进行预防性和纠正性维护,确保设备继续可靠运行。回应客户有关服务合同的条款及细则的问询。根据不断变化的客户需求,提供销售线索和客户反馈。保持准确的服务记录,监控清洁设备的性能 Be commercially focused on selling parts, consumables and service contracts. 专注于零部件、易耗品和服务合同的销售 Ensure an optimal customer experience before, during and after the visit. 确保在整个拜访流程中,客户有最佳体验 Make accurate, timely and efficient planning to make visits to customers. Provide weekly reporting. 确保准确,及时和高效的计划客户拜访。提交每周报告。 Train customers on the features of the products they have purchased. 对客户已购产品进行产品培训 Let’s create a cleaner future together Clean is changing. Today, cleaning is a key contributor to health and safety, and a new clean is emerging, driven by technology and innovation. At Nilfisk we are a driving force in this development, and we work as one team with one agenda, supporting each other across an exciting, dynamic organization. Being part of Nilfisk means having the freedom to speak your mind and do what you do best. You will thrive by having a hands-on approach and the drive to bring your great ideas to life. At Nilfisk you can lead, innovate and collaborate for a cleaner future. Are you ready to make a change? We embrace diversity and equality with an environment of inclusion. We encourage everyone to apply for the position, regardless of origin, race, ethnicity, religion, physical or mental ability, gender, gender-identity or expression, sexual orientation, and age. Job applicant FAQ Do you have questions regarding the recruitment process or alike? Please visit our.

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