PhD student in medium voltage power electronics for photovoltaics

Le Bourget-du-Lac (France)
Student / Recent Graduate
Sciences, Engineering & R&D

The Job

Do you expect to have a real impact on the energy transition? If yes, CEA-Liten is the ideal place for your PhD work. Our teams (1,000 people) are fully mobilised to develop the innovative solutions of tomorrow. Your role? to give birth to breakthrough innovations. Meet and join the 150 PhD students working in our laboratories, alongside with experienced researchers eager to transfer your discoveries up to the industrial stage. The proposed PhD subject contributes to the technological challenge “Solar energy for energy transition” ( more details ). The subject is “ DC/AC converters for medium voltage photovoltaics ”. The objective of this thesis work will be to evaluate the performance of medium voltage DC/AC converters (including an MPPT input stage) whose power exceeds 10MW using Si and/or SiC power semiconductor switches produced massively. In parallel with this central study on DC/AC converters, additional investigations will focus on: -Dielectric strength of PV modules / possibility of implementing longer PV module strings -Sizing and configuration of MV/20kV transformers -Converter cooling The thesis will consist of several stages: -Bibliographic studies -Simulations of innovative medium voltage conversion structures -Experiments: a functional model including protection devices will be sized and produced for operation at real voltage, at full power or at fractional power -Comparative LCA studies (LV PV plant Vs MV PV plant) can be outsourced from data produced in this thesis Skills required: Static converters, Electrical engineering, Power electronics, Regulation of electrical systems, digital control to FPGA, Dielectric materials (optional). What you can expect In the heart of the Alps, an exceptional and internationally recognised scientific ecosystem , in a city committed to the environmental transition " Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 ", A balance between private and professional life (50 days off/year), an active Works Council for leisure and extra-professional activities, Salary according to your qualifications and experience, access to a savings scheme funded by the CEA, Industrial-grade facilities for research, Participation to scientific conferences, Training to strengthen your skills or develop new ones. Interested? Contact us . We look forward to meeting you!!

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