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Who are we?

Two students who were missing an online community in Rotterdam during the corona crisis, thought the perfect solution was to start one themselves. Together we started the initiative StayRotterdam, focused on students who were looking for some entertainment and human connection while being in quarantine. We created a Slack page, organized in different channels. Every channel has its own theme, for example games, self-development, and literature. A more elaborate introduction video of every different channel can be found below. Every channel organizes its own fun and sometimes educational events. Think about an online Pictionary game, a public speaking workshop, a professional kart racer talking about his passion, and many more activities.

Are you interested in joining us? That’s amazing! Joining requires some steps but is really simple: you can press the join button on the top of the page. When you’re in the Slack platform, there is a Google Forms pinned in the #announcement channel where you can pick the channels you want to be part of. For every event that’s taking place, there will be a Zoom link in the according channel. All our upcoming events can be found below, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Stayrotterdam. The goal is to have the people with the same interests meet each other, and make sure that the notifications you receive are only about things you actually care about. So don’t hesitate and join us!

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Our upcoming events

Our upcoming events