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Women in Innovation and Leadership

Women in Innovation and Leadership (WIL) is a student-led NGO based in The Hague aimed at students and young professionals. WIL promotes personal and professional growth, opportunity and gender equality through workshops, networking events, sharing interesting opportunities, and a mentorship programme. Whilst we focus on lifting up women, we welcome all genders. What's our mission? 📈To facilitate personal and professional growth 💪🏼To empower young womxn to feel confident in themselves and their skills 🤝To promote gender equality in all fields 💜To build a diverse community of womxn with different passions and interests 💼To help womxn enter the workplace as powerful individuals who know wht they want and how to get it How do we do it? 👩‍🏫Workshops on personal and professional skills 🫶Mentorship scheme by womxn in the workforce 👩‍🔬Networking opportunities and the Opportunity Platform jobs and internships database