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PULSE Racing

PULSE Racing was established to further develop functional electrical stimulation (FES) for people with a spinal cord injury. Having paraplegia causes various physical problems. In addition to being unable to walk and an overall restriction of mobility, people with paraplegia also face other issues such as disturbed blood circulation and a higher risk of pressure ulcers. This, of course, has negative consequences for the quality of life and personal well-being. Treatment with FES has a proven positive effect on the physical condition of people with paraplegia. The active movements initiated through FES have been shown to improve blood flow, reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers and increase psychological well-being. The scientific underpinning of these beneficial effects have given us an incentive and encouraged us to participate in international FES Bike Race, like we did during the Cybathlon in 2020. With our participation, we aim to make FES more widely known and motivate more people to use FES. PULSE Racing – We stimulate to cycle