Association Details


AEGEE-Amsterdam is a student association with different aspects. It’s a joyful local student association with approximately 450 members, a weekly social drink, parties, a gala, barbecues, sports activities, cultural activities and more. AEGEE-Amsterdam does not carry out a hazing or traditional initiation ceremony and there is no obligated attendance of activities. Moreover, AEGEE is interesting for those who would like to explore more than Amsterdam and the Netherlands during their studies. AEGEE is represented in around 161 student cities in 40 different countries around Europe and has a network of 13.000 members. Our network is present in cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tartu, Odessa, Moscow and Tbilisi, but also in for instance Istanbul, Ljubljana, Rome, Las Palmas, Barcelona, Leuven and many other student cities you will find our association. In short: AEGEE is everywhere! All these locals organise conferences, thematic and social events and Summer Universities. Would you like to know more about these activities, scroll down to ‘European activities’. AEGEE-Amsterdam also organises many trips, such as hitchhiking competitions, a European members weekend and exchanges.