Association Details

VSA Rotterdam

It’s the end of 2019 when two Media and Communication students meet up to have a pasta dinner with some homemade pesto. They chat and talk, eat and laugh, and mid-conversation the question arises how many other vegan students there might be at the university and whether there was a student association revolving around veganism in all its facets and forms. Finding out quickly that there was no such community, the decision was made. Founding one themselves. ​ Words turned into actions fast. From then, ideas came up in constant streams for potlucks, events, movie nights, lectures, and activism on campus to help vegan students connect. To further pursue their goal of creating a community more people were needed. Since they did not want to waste any paper, they used their social connections and messaged others whom they heard of were interested. The small initiative, comprising six board members from diverse backgrounds, built the structure of the Vegan Student Association, spread the word and gathered more veg-curious and vegan students. ​ Ever since, all members worked hard to expand the VSA, break the stigma around veganism, and build a welcoming community for all interested in living life on the veg. The first official potluck and recruitment event was held in February 2020 and membership started growing gradually. Over the summer, the VSA reorganised and finally turned into an officially recognised student association in November 2020.