Association Details

D.S.F.V. Blue Falcons

Welcome prospective students! Do you want to play the best team sport? Do you want to try a fast, new sport? Then join our floorball association in Delft! D.S.F.V. Blue Falcons is the place in Delft to play floorball! Floorball is a fast indoor sport that started in 1971 in Sweden as a variant on ice hockey. You may know it from high school, where a variation on this sport is played (unihockey). With around 50 members we’re a small and fun association. We train twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Also, you can participate in competitions. We have 3 regular competition teams and 2 mixed teams. On Fridays, we often have dinner and drinks together after training. Besides that, we organize lots of other fun activities, like pubquizzes, tournaments and short trips! Do you want to know more? Come find us during the Owee :)