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The VSSD is the largest local "student union" in the Netherlands. In all developments that affect students, the VSSD ensures improvement, such as in the field of education and housing. With almost three thousand members the VSSD has a strong position. In order to promote its policies at the national level as well, the VSSD is affiliated with the National Union of Students (LSVb) and the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO). This allows the VSSD to promote the interests of Delft students on a national level. To address the right issues the VSSD has several policy areas: Education General, Education wo, Education hbo, Housing, Society, Income, International and Politics. Of course the VSSD is also committed to student interests that fall outside these categories. Other activities to make student life more enjoyable also have the interest of the VSSD. Of course the VSSD also devotes itself to student interests that fall outside these categories. If it concerns the Delft student, it also concerns the VSSD! Translated with (free version)