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International Faculty Association ACE

About IFA ACE International Faculty Association ACE is the Faculty Association of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). Its main goals are to organise study-related activities for the ESHCC students, broadening the students’ perspectives and making them feel at home within our faculty. The activities ACE organises are historical, cultural and communication/media related, so that they are most appealing to our unique variety of students. These activities may consist of study trips, lectures, excursions, workshops and expositions. Furthermore, ACE also organises social activities, which gives students not only the opportunity to connect with each other but also with the faculty and third parties. Students who become a member of ACE are eligible to participate in several committees that enable the association to organise these different activities. In doing so it will give them the opportunity to develop their social and organizational skills and learn how to work closely within a team. These skills will help the members ACE their future.