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Project MARCH

Project MARCH is a student team committed to improving the quality of people with paraplegia. Each year a team of 26 students is ready to take on this challenge by developing and creating an exoskeleton. This is a robotic suit attached to the outside of one’s body. It enables someone with paraplegia to stand up and walk again. The person that controls the exoskeleton is who we call the pilot. We believe in co-creation with our pilot since we value the user of our exoskeleton. Therefore, user-friendliness is one of our priorities in our design throughout the year. This year we are busy taking the next steps in developing a ‘smart’ exoskeleton. We want to accomplish to by using depth cameras that scan the surroundings. The software processes this information. So, the exoskeleton can make suggestions to the pilot for his next move. The exoskeleton is as it was reacting to its surroundings. This is the next step to eventually implement exoskeleton technology in the daily life of our users. So, we can improve the quality of life of people with paraplegia.