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Stud Studentenuitzendbureau

Stud is the number one temporary employment agency in Delft for students and by students. We offer all kinds of jobs, varying from full-time jobs to one-time jobs. Our team consists of seven TU Delft students, who paused their studies for an entire year to spend all their time finding the perfect job for you! We're always keeping our eyes open for interesting and challenging jobs, so take a look at our vacancies on the website to find out all about them! Stud is a non-profit organization, which means we're giving all of our profit back to you! We fund a large range of student initiatives, from smaller initiatives to large sustainable projects. But that isn't all, Stud itself also hosts all sorts of events that are open to everyone! Besides Stud organizing all these events and giving away free gadgets, Stud also has a new way of giving back its profit to you! Through a new initiative, started last year, we provide 150 new study places at Stu-D Study places at the Zocherweg 2! We are very proud of this newly launched project, but you have to come and take a look at it yourself to experience what it’s like to study at Stu-D! If you’re interested and want to know more about Stud, come by at the office on the TU Delft campus or take a look at our website or check us out on Instagram and LinkedIn!