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On November 21, 1913, almost two weeks after the then Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool opened its doors for the first time on November 8, 1913, a number of students took the initiative to establish the RotterdamscheStudenten Sociëteit Walhalla. The meetings take place in one of the rooms of the former Hotel Coomans, located in the then Hoofdsteeg (near the current Blaak). Realizing that a society also includes an association, a list is circulated among the society members on which 27 members sign for this wish. On December 11, 1913, this resulted in the foundation of the Rotterdam Student Corps (RSC). More than two years later, on February 12, 1916, the official foundation of the Rotterdamsche Vrouwen Studenten Vereeniging (RVSV) and its society Mimosa took place. The association has few members, as the number of female students at the NHH is very low. Until mid-2017, both associations lead an independent existence, and during these 100 years they maintain collegial ties of friendship. The RSC and the Society will then move to the second and third floors of a building at Coolsingel 9-b. Almost five years later, on 11 October 1918, the RSC and the Society move into their own four-storey building at Eendrachtsweg 35. The name of the society changes to Sociëteit Hermes. The social room is located on the ground floor. On the first floor a beautifully decorated dining room where a highly subsidized canteen meal is available. This is also accessible to non-members. The NHH has now also moved to the Pieterde Hoochweg. After initially changing housing, the RVSV moves into its own building on Heemraadssingel 329-b on 24 October 1922. The society survives the German bombardment on May 14, 1940. Because of what, in the eyes of the Germans, is indecent verse in the Corpsblad, the Society and RSC are disbanded as “deutschfeindlich” by the German occupier in the spring of 1941. The RVSV will also be lifted afterwards. RSC members continued their meetings secretly during the further war in Bierhandel De Pijp, in the Gaffelstraat. After the liberation, RSC and RVSV move into their respective social buildings again. At the end of the sixties, Erasmus University decided to move to Kralingen in a large-scale new-build complex on Woudestein. Reason why both RSC and RVSV also decide to move to this district. For example, the RVSV moves into new premises on Avenue Concordia 80 on 3 July 1967. The RSC decides to build a new building and moves to its current premises at 55 RobertBaeldestraat on 4 July 1969. After a short stay at Avenue Concordia, the RVSV also decides to move in. to be taken in the same building as that of the RSC, in separate rooms. On August 1, 2017, both associations decided to officially merge as a merged association RSC-RVSV. Society Hermes and Society Mimosa are merged and all spaces are shared. The joint name is now Sociëteit Walhalla.