Association Details

PPI Delft

Indonesian Student Association, known as Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Delft (PPI Delft), was established in 1963 by the initiation of Indonesian students studying at Delft. PPI Delft is an independent association affiliated with other Indonesian Student Associations throughout the Netherlands. Besides organizing local activities for Indonesian students in Delft, PPI Delft regularly executes several activities together with Indonesian Associations from different regions in the Netherlands. As an association, PPI Delft stands and connects as a bridge between Indonesian students and the Indonesian Embassy. We periodically organize our social gatherings, sports, and leisure activities to make the students feel at home. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to handle the feeling of studying abroad and being far away from family. Therefore, becoming a home for Indonesian students in Delft is also our limelight. Furthermore, we also organize a regular colloquium with intriguing topics in order to enhance and broaden the knowledge of Indonesian students. We believe this movement has become a way to improve and trigger the development of science and technology in Indonesia. To know more about our recent activities and any open collaborations, please reach out, follow, and stay tuned to our social media!